Costa Rica – August2012


We were invited to participate in a mission trip from Grace and Faith Bible Church. Pastor’s Gary and Diane Luecke are leading this mission to Costa Rica. We will be ministering in the city of La Esperanza. It is about an hour from San Jose – the captial of Costa Rica.

We were also asked to be the leads in providing skits and dramas to help communicate the love of Christ since there is a language barrier. The expression and power of God’s love can transcend in any language and we will be expecting amazing things to happen through the Holy Spirit.

We have several events scheduled to reach the people of Costa Rica and here is part of our ministry plan:

  • Construction Projects – Hydro-Electric Generation System
  • Worship, Healing, Salvations, Prayer, Discipleship, Teaching Opportunities
  • Ministry at a Women’s Home
  • Ministry at a Men’s Home
  • Ministry at public schools
  • Outreach and Prayer in the community
  • Ministry at a Pastor’s Conference

Your support towards God’s assignment for us will make a difference! Pray and let God guide you to participate in this vision for Central America. We encourage you to get involved with what God will be doing in Costa Rica. The anticipation we have makes our hearts passionate for the cause.

Thank you for your support!





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