You are probably wondering what that says above. This is our ministry name written in the Greek alphabet. You may be asking yourself why would we write this? There is an interesting story behind why we choose the name “LOGOS” for our ministry.

When we were starting our ministry we needed a name but we didn’t want to just pick a name. We wanted the Lord to name this ministry. We knew we were going to be ministering in Brazil so we also wanted something that could easily be pronounced in Portuguese. So as we both prayed one day Marcelo felt impressed to see what some names look like written in Greek. We looked at a few names but there still wasn’t one where we felt peace. Then the day came around and Marcelo said the Lord gave him the name. Of course with excitement I asked him, “what is it?”. He smiled and said, “LOGOS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL”. Then we immediately went to see what it would like written in Greek. We both said, “That’s it!”.

We learned that LOGOS is the written word of God (bible) and RHEMA is the spoken word of God. Have you ever heard someone say that’s a Rhema word? What that really means is it is a word that a person received from the Lord in their heart. The Lord called us to teach His word and raise up leaders in Brazil. That was our RHEMA word! We could see how LOGOS, the written word, applied to our ministry. Now that we are in Brazil and teaching the bible in a few seminaries we have had the opportunity to teach Greek classes. We aren’t teaching them Greek to be able to converse fluently but to be able to study the Word deeply. Praise the Lord!