A Great King

For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all Gods. Psalms 95:3

~  It’s true! Our God is King above all Gods. When I was a child growing up I always enjoyed movies set in eras that had a king who ruled over subjects and his knights were always willing to do anything for their king. They were loyal and the king trusted them. That’s how I feel we should look to Jesus who is our Lord and King. He trusts us, He believes in us and the assignments He has given us and we have been well equipped to fulfill them. Some even die in the field sharing good news about our King. The enemies surround and overtake the messenger or the “knight” of the Kingdom of Heaven. Our King is different than earthly Kings too because He rules two worlds (a spiritual world and a natural world). He has a crown, a scepter and rules over ALL and everyone on earth will bow to Him when He returns. I enjoy giving glory to our King. He deserves it! He sacrificed for us now we can return a simple act of gratitude.

Thank you my Lord Jesus for all you do have done!