Brazil – June2012

You are probably wondering what the picture of the question mark means. The question mark represents the future pictures we will be taking while ministering to people in Brazil. Since last year we have been receiving direction from the Lord to start a discipleship program in Brazil. This first trip will be an “inspection for possession”. To do this we first asked ourselves this question; “How can we accomplish what God has put in our hearts?” The response to this comes from what we learned in the book of Nehemiah:

  1. Getting instruction from heaven
  2. Living with a purpose
  3. Have a plan
  4. Inspection proceeds possession
  5. Share the vision

As Nehemiah got help from the Jews of his time to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, we are sharing the vision with you about what we are planning to accomplish as God instructs us. Our purpose to go in June is to build relationships with the people of Brazil for when we return there.

Your support towards God’s assignment for us will make a difference! Pray and let God guide you to participate in this vision for South America. We encourage you to get involved with what God will be doing in Brazil. The anticipation we have makes our hearts passionate for the cause.

Thank you for your support!




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