Entertain strangers


Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2

~  Can you remember a time when you entertained a complete stranger and now the bible says you may have entertained an angel. That is pretty cool! I remember many years ago I met this kind man at a local restaurant where I used to work. He was there every weekend hanging out with some other people who made it their local hang out. He was taking pictures of people and having a good time. One day he handed me what looked like a business card. On one side it said “Expect a miracle“. I flipped it over to see what was written on the other side but there was nothing. I smiled and thought that would be great to receive a miracle. I thanked him and put the card away in my bag. Several people around me received one too. That is the reason I thought it was a business card. I carried that card around for years and I did not see the man anymore. It seemed as though he vanished in to thin air.

Then in 2007, my life was forever changed. That same year in September I received a miracle. I was instantly healed! I was floating on cloud 9. Shortly after that I remembered the card that I received almost 11 years before that. I quickly went to search for it to see if I still had it. I found it and went to the restaurant where I received it and asked the owner and the locals if they remembered the man who used to frequent the restaurant. No one remembered who I was talking about or knew his name. I described him to every one who had come in contact with him but no one remembered. I remember. And many times I have often wondered if he was an angel too.