Granted Me Life

Thou hast granted me life and favor, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit. ~ Job 10:12 KJV

Before the Lord comes in to our lives we are without life. We do not have the life giving spirit of God living in us. It is strange to say we are dead but it’s true. We must hear the Gospel of Jesus and then believe it in our hearts, speak it out loud and the Trinity comes to live in us. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit come to live in us.

Without God we are not able to love a person unconditionally. We can love to a certain point but it’s not God’s kind of love. There are limits. When God comes to live in us we can love someone beyond our human limits. We can see them like God sees them and we can love them without having conditions.

With God we also have favor. When we are seeking God and fellowshipping with Him things work in your favor. It’s beautiful! Simple things such as being selected when there are crowds of people, or you need a parking slot and a space opens up when you arrive, or you are buying a house and there is a another person bidding on it but even if they bid higher than your bid you get the house. Those are examples of favor. People of the world may call them “coincidences” but there are no coincidences with God. It is God’s favor upon your life. Unbelievers may experience God’s favor too because He loves everyone. He doesn’t have conditions to share His love.

So the next time you experience a “coincidence” thank God for it and you’ll be amazed when you start noticing them more and more.