Media assignment

Class project for media school

I finally finished my media project for class at Charis Bible College. Our assignment was to interview someone to answer this question: “How is God using you?” We did the project  in several steps. It was a lot of work and I learned a lot. Below is a list of all the software and equipment we learned to complete this project:

  • how to use a professional sony camera
  • how to set it up on the tripod
  • how to use lavallier mic
  • how to take B-roll (background footage)
  • how to use lighting during an interview
  • how to edit the video in Adobe Premiere – helps you arrange the video to make a story
  • how to use Adobe Aftereffects – makes exciting moveable graphics for your project
  • how to use Adobe Audition – edits the audio of your video if needed
  • how to use Adobe Encore – used to make a final DVD of a project

I really enjoyed my Media class. Thank you Jesus! and thank you Jeff, Autumn, Stephen and all other instructors who helped make this happen. You can view the video I did for my assignment below.

[tnt_video_list id=4]