Revelation vs Knowledge

I have had this thought and understanding of the word so I just want to share this with others.

As we study the word we are aiming to learn about God. Then through the Holy Spirit we receive a “revelation” of something we are seeking. For example, if we are seeking healing one gets a revelation and then receive healing. Months may pass and you need healing in some other part of your body. You remember how it happened before (revelation of a scripture), you then proceed to pray that same scripture because you believe in it. Unfortunately, nothing happens.

So in that occurrence I believe this is where the thought has risen. The revelation you had before has now become “knowledge”. You need a “new” revelation in another area of the word. This is not the same when you apply it for other people. You still have that revelation. It is for your personal application of the word that I am referring to.

God is all about the now. We always need to stay connected to Him. He will always give us a “fresh” personal word to help us in a time of need. Whether it’s for us or someone else. It doesn’t matter! God wants us to succeed.