Blessings to you and thanks for checking out our “sharing” button. Do you know how much God loves you? Maybe you do and there is a possibility you don’t. Surprisingly enough, many people don’t know that God loves them so much and even many Christians who have accepted Jesus into their lives still do not have a deep knowledge of who our God and our Lord Jesus is. The most important thing Jesus came to do was to restore a relationship between God the Father and you. Jesus’ prayer in John chapter 17 was that we would have a personal relationship with God and know who Jesus, His son is.This the key to how we can experience eternal life now.

To give you a little explanation of the posts, we are simply sharing scriptures, sometimes writing short teachings and other times just sharing personal testimonies of how God touched our life in some awesome way. If you would like to read more you can simply click on the links in the “RECENT POSTS” section found at the right of this page. Thanks for visiting and we hope you are able to have a deeper revelation of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy the posts and have a blessed day!

Grace and peace to you always,