Spiritual Blindness

And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and they which see might be made blind. John 9:39

~ If you were like most people it probably didn’t make sense the first time you read that scripture. I know when I read it I didn’t know why a person that sees would go blind because Jesus was here. “Spiritual blindness” is what Jesus was referring to in that scripture. Without the Holy Spirit giving us a spiritual understanding of His words it makes no sense. It’s so clear now!

I would like to encourage you when you read scriptures that make no sense or leave you wondering – it’s ok. Sometimes as you meditate on them they start to make sense and we can say thank you to our great teacher the Holy Spirit who brings us understanding and clarity. At times that frustration of wanting to know is exactly what you need to press on to find out what it means. God is happy to reveal the secrets of the kingdom to you! No need to worry. You WILL have the answer. It can sometimes depend on how bad you want to know but the result is knowing.

God bless you and watch the Holy Spirit teach you for the rest of your life.