Wives Submit

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. ~ Ephesians 5:22 KJV

Wives are you submitted to your husbands? There has been controversy with this scripture for a long time. Mainly because people only want to view one side of the disagreement. A woman should submit but there are scriptures before this one that should not be ignored also. This chapter in Ephesians speaks about the roles that husbands, wives and children participate in a Godly family for the kingdom. When these roles are assumed in the proper way there is order in the family.

Many times we see families out of order because they are not following the path God has laid out for all of us. If a wife is dominating in the family this is a sign that things are out of order. The husband is the head of the family and Christ is head of the husband. If the husband is following Jesus then there should not be any problem for a woman to submit to her husband. She is following a man who is being led by Jesus and the spirit of God. This is a good combination and there will be unity for the family. There is nothing better than peace in a family. The enemy would like no other thing than to destroy what God has created. Remember he is out there seeking whom he may devour. He can devour with lies, deception, strife, temptation and confusion. We must always be vigilant that he is out there trying to deceive any family member to cause strife.

Be at peace! Wives follow your husbands as he is submitted to the Lord and you both are following the Lord.