Afflictions of the righteous

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. Psalms 34:19

~ Wouldn’t it be nice if there weren’t any afflictions? Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to us! But the good news is that we can overcome all that we face knowing the Lord is with us. He is walking with us; He is speaking encouraging words to our hearts when we feel weak and want to give up; He is giving us signs left and right that it will be ok. He is in fact our best friend! He knows what you are thinking and at that moment when you throw your hands up in the air because you can’t figure out how to overcome it you hear a Word from God.

Maybe it’s a scripture that has been repeating over and over in your mind and you push it aside and say “yes I know that one. I heard it many times!” Then someone comes to you and tells you the same thing. Now you pause because it caught your attention. And something is changing in you. You really hear that Word from your heart. You say it over and over again. Then it makes you smile because you are finally listening and agreeing. Before you know it something amazing happens. You passed through the affliction! Everything is fine! Praise the Lord! And just like the scripture says ” he delivereth you out of them all”.

Why do we stress ourselves? Many times it is because our focus is on the problem and not the one who has the solution. Jesus is our solution! He has it solved before we even know we have an affliction. Let’s be attentive to what the Holy Spirit says so we can overcome those afflictions quicker. Jesus said be of good cheer because we will have tribulations! So instead of being down, worried or fearful we can do something different. Let’s laugh our way through. Do the opposite! I am sure we will pass through that wilderness easier, quicker and you will have a testimony to share that stirs the hearts of those who hear it! After all, it’s a promise from Him!

God bless you!