All Things Are Possible

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. ~ Mark 9:23 KJV

What are you believing for these days? Have you received them? Many times we don’t receive because we are not asking according to His will. That is the first mistake we can make. We are asking the Lord to give us something or bring something into our lives that is not according to His will. Jesus said ANYTHING we ask according to His will will be done for us. So search your heart and remember what you’ve asked and check if it lines up with His will.

Praying for someone to heal, for example, is definitely His will. There are things that people do that have opened the door and certain consequences occur, such as an illness, and manifest in their lives. But we should always pray with a clean slate UNLESS He specifically reveals something to you before you pray or while you’re praying. When he does this it is because he has insights into a person’s life that we don’t always see when we look at them. We only see what the person shows but Jesus knows their heart and he can reveal a truth to help them be free. This is such a cooperative operation. We are given a truth and we then are cooperating with Him to help bring the Kingdom of God to the person in need.

Ask and it shall be done for you and this testimony glorifies the Father. Pray with confidence and know you have an answer.