Blotted Out Your Sins

I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. ~Isaiah 43:25 KJV

Does the Lord remember your sins? According to this scripture and others he does not remember your sins. Many times we waste our precious time reflecting on things we did in the past and do not move forward. Make sure you keep your eyes on the Lord and what he has planned for you. His plans for you are good!

Why do we spend so much time doing this to ourselves? You may not personally be doing it but for sure there are many around you who are focused on what they did wrong and cannot get out of their rut. Beloved, turn to a bright future that is pure and without blemish. He has made that path for you.

Where are you focusing your attention? The Bible tells us to focus on those things that are lovely, pure, true and of good report. If your past is filled with bad events, leave it in the past. God has forgotten about it so you should do the same. The only one who seems to drag up your past is the enemy. He wants to keep you defeated and without future. He is the one that accuses the people of God and reminds them of their wrong. Don’t fall in to that trap beloved! You are blessed, loved and highly favored. Renew your mind with the promises of God and get strength in them to get up and shake the dust off. You are a mighty warrior and darkness trembles when you walk in. There is mighty army backing you and you should always remember who your Father is… God the Almighty! Be free today and walk in your true nature. You are righteous!