Living For Christ

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. ~ Philippians 1:21 KJV

Are you allowing Christ to live through you? The apostle Paul taught us that whether we live or whether we die we are with Christ. We need to have an attitude like he had. We have an assignment in this life now and he is living through us and if we die it shouldn’t matter because we will be with Him. He saw the second portion as a real blessing because he saw it as being with Him in person. He wouldn’t be experiencing Jesus through the spirit only but now he would be in his presence.

Many of us do not have this type of attitude today. We live cautiously and if our lives reviled or could be threatened we draw back. We must be bold as a lion. We have the almighty one in us. As Christians we should already be allowing Jesus to live through us. We should be seeing the power of God flow through us on a daily basis and we should be living a supernatural life.

Stir the gift in you to desire to see miracles on a daily basis. This happens through a relationship with Him. John had revelation of the love Jesus had towards him. We need to have this same revelation and we will definitely experience an abundant life that transforms the lives of others around us.