What Does God Really Want?

In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. ~ Hebrews 10:6 KJV

What does God really want? According to this scripture and various others throughout the Bible God has clearly stated that in offerings and sacrifices He did not find pleasure in these acts. In the Old Testament the priest would kill a sheep without blemish and sprinkle the blood on the people to cleanse them of their sin. But they never felt pure and truly forgiven. People would throw ashes on their head, starve themselves in fasting, punish themselves to the point of bleeding but this did not satisfy Him either.

So what does God really want? It is very simple actually! He wants your heart and a relationship with you. He enjoys your fellowship and you wanting to spend time with Him. Everything that you see around you was created for your pleasure. He finds great pleasure in seeing you happy. Wouldn’t any parent find comfort in seeing their child smiling and happy?

So forget about doing things for Him and just spend time with Him. He wants to be in every aspect of your life. Take Him shopping, talk to Him when you are cleaning the house, ask Him questions when you don’t know the answer to something, ask Him what to wear today and so forth. He is not too busy to answer your questions. He is more than happy you have included Him in your daily life.